Cryo-EM in Drug Discovery Series | EMEA Edition

Recent Scientific Results and Practical Considerations

 Cambridge, United Kingdom    May 20, 2022


Take the opportunity of your participation in the Cryo-EM in Drug Discovery EMEA event in order to discover more about Cambridge!

There’s more to Cambridge than a university. It’s the perfect place for culture, adventure and family fun.

Explore the beautiful surroundings you know from The Crown, Granchester and The Theory of Everything for yourself. Join one of the official guided walking tours - the only tours which are allowed access to the University of Cambridge colleges. Take to the water and see Cambridge from a new perspective with one of the punting tours.

There’s always something new to experience!

What do not miss in Cambridge: 

Punting            The Fitzwilliam Museum             

Punting                                           The Fitzwilliam Museum  

Garden            Kettle's Yard

Botanic Garden                               Kettle's Yard

Further information about the City, its monuments and much more can be found on Visit Cambridge !


Cryo-EM in Drug Discovery