Cryo-EM in Drug Discovery Series | EMEA Edition

Recent Scientific Results and Practical Considerations

 Cambridge, United Kingdom    May 20, 2022

Single particle cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) has seen a real surge in popularity from the pharmaceutical industry recently and is developing at rapid pace. Cryo-EM can deliver previously unattainable structural insights that are key to designing drugs for challenging targets. In addition, micro-electron diffraction (microED) is showing promising results in obtaining high resolution structures of small molecules from single nano-crystals to mixtures.

This symposium is organized for researchers in structural departments and or medicinal chemistry department at pharmaceutical companies, (senior) scientists, department heads, directors and vice presidents to keep the drug discovery community up to date with recent developments and will focus on achievements and practical considerations of adopting and accessing these exciting new methods.

As part of the Cryo-EM in Drug Discovery Series, started by Thermo Fisher Scientific virtually last year, the symposium is bringing this expertise to European participants with a first face to face edition.